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The solution for production support from a single source

Understand and continually improve processes. Provide key figures for ongoing production quickly, easily and transparently, using software specially designed to meet the needs of printing centers.

  • Cockpit solution for printing centers
  • Job documentation - complete, centralized and up-to-date
  • Communication and data interface
  • Modular construction
  • Billing of all services with invoice printing

Based on its many years of experience, the company group edataunited GmbH developed the information and management software docusuite for print and dispatch centers. The primary goal of the software is to capture print jobs, track them, and collect their associated production metrics.

The software normalizes and logs processes from data delivery to shipping. docusuite makes it possible to record all production orders, track them and collect all related key figures. In short, it documents, logs and analyzes, so that capacities can be planned and controlled in a targeted manner (tracking and monitoring).

sourcepage docusuite schema

Ⓒ sourcepage: docusuite Schema

Practical ergonomics and a workflow modeled on industry processes make docusuite highly efficient. User-friendly bar code readers uniquely identify production orders or atomic components (such as a document or a shipment). In addition to wired readers, mobile barcode reader devices are also offered and supported.

The docusuite production monitoring system enables simple merging and optimization of business processes in printing and dispatch centers on a modern and uniform system architecture, and replaces existing stand-alone solutions from manufacturers.

sourcepage docusuite schema

Production Workflow Printcenter

Production Workflow Printcenter
The production processes (position) shown in the graphic above represent a typical process chain within a printing center. Production orders (jobs) within a position can carry various statuses.

For example, the following characteristics
  • "In process"
  • "Blocked"
  • "Deferred"
  • "Interrupted"
  • "Shift change"
  • "Finished"
  • "Completed"

Status changes are recorded by the operator in production. A tracking point is written for each status change.
Using the chain of all tracking points belonging to a job, the entire production process can be transparently analyzed, exported and reported. The data are also permanently available for research purposes, and the reliability and quality of the information provided to customers is significantly reinforced by including the processing history on a shipment or document basis.


Application modularization:
Due to the modular structure of the software solution docusuite, the software customer or potential user can be offered a task-related introduction to the production and process support. The functional scope of the software is continuously optimized and extended, and individual subfunctions can be licensed as so-called AddOns or module extensions. The separate licensing option of the modules ensures that cost and benefit factors are optimally taken into account.

The basis of the software solution is defined by the docusuite program modules docushape, docuworkx, docureport and docuxtrem, and can be supplemented and extended by the AddOns offered.

The AddOns abbreviations stand for the following functionalities:

  • Sendungsverfolgung [SV], Image Archiving [BA], Tracking-Feedback [TF];
  • Parcel-shipment [PV], List Tracking [LT], docusuite Printing [DP];
  • docusuite Spoolmanager [PI], NewsCenter [NC]
  • docuAccount (Cost Allocation) [AC]
  • Material and Stock [ML]
  • Dashboard Factory [DF]

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