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The planning and controlling software docusaVant.

  • docusuite documents and record details about the running production process
  • docusaVant provides production frameworks and monitors their processing
  • Functional separation of the production and management domain
  • needs-based provision of functionalities and views
  • docusaVant docusaVant depends on production data recorded by docusuite for planning calculations
  • Forecast is needed to provide predictions based on real values

Based on the values of docusuite, docusaVant has been conceptualized by edatasystems GmbH to act as a planning and controlling component by sitting ‘on top of’ the production monitoring solution docusuite.

The production jobs, recorded by docusuite, are interpreted by the extended docuservice based on their production parameters, re-evaluated and made available for planning and controlling purposes in docusaVant.


docusaVant extends the potential of docusuite by providing production planning and controlling components for printing and shipping centers. The program is furthermore used for SLA evaluation and their visualization.

docusaVant is, like docusuite, a software solution based on .NET, made for users with high demands regarding flexibility and usability of a production monitoring and planning solution. A special focus was put on a practical approach during development.

The real challenge consists of providing a pleasant visualization of the already existing information to achieve the best and most transparent results regarding production planning in the context of highly complex controlling processes.

The fully set-up software component presents easily understood routines to enable an easy way of planning arising production jobs for the user as well as providing an easily understood presentation of the results.

The diverse influences and needs of different customers and industries were crucial during the whole development cycle of docusaVant and shaped the way it has been built. Every function complies with the expectations and visions of the intended target group.

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