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Customized evaluations with the docusuite module docureport

docureport is the module integrated in docusuite for standardized and customized evaluations. Key figures on consumption quantities, processing time of orders or, for example, the utilization of machines can be clearly and quickly evaluated with it.

  • Evaluations and calculations
  • Transparent visualization of key figures
  • Easy filtering and selection
  • Diagram and export functions

docureport is the evaluation tool within docusuite. It allows the user to carry out extensive analyses of currently running or already completed production.

The key figures are subdivided into the respective production processes and provide an overview of the overall processing cycle of processing jobs. At any time, current values can be called up.

Further, extrapolations and cost calculations can be created easily and comprehensibly. It enables limiting the determined values or diagrams via various filter criteria and exporting them easily and quickly via the uniform functionalities offered under docureport.

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