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Assigning data correctly, made easy

The docusuite module docushape is responsible for data creation and allocation, and supports the process with a meaningful and comprehensible structure.

  • Data structure analogous to the process chain
  • Export and import functions
  • Bulk-editing and transfer programs
  • Mandatory fields, plausibility checks and notes

Master data are data within docusuite that either remain "rigid" for a long time or that remain completely unchanged. The corresponding information is created once in your context or, if necessary, changed under the docushape module.

In order to simplify master data maintenance and make it clearer, the programs were sorted in the same way as the process chain is intended to be run. In addition, transfer programs for data assignment and functions for bulk-editing are offered to support necessary master data adjustments easily and quickly.

The master data are displayed later only in the usage context and can be selected via combo boxes. The user is thus able to simplify input of data records, and at the same time, a high degree of standardization is achieved. In addition, incorrect entries or formatting errors are almost excluded and previously catalogued data can be better used for later evaluations.

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