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The intelligent solution for production monitoring

Thanks to this program, points summarized under docuworkx, full support, and documentation of production processes can be provided from a single source.

  • Import of production figures
  • Individual process-specific modules with tracking points
  • Key data acquisition "on-the-fly"
  • Manufacturer and machine independent
  • Control sheets which can also be used as a production instruction

The docuworkx module is based on master data management of the docushape module and works bidirectionally. Relevant production data are imported from the individual customer systems and enriched with the documented job specifications for production monitoring.

In the programs offered under docuworkx, all required processing information is made available to the users in a simple and comprehensible way for each process step. Furthermore, the information transfer is supported by the outputting documents, such as order slips, delivery notes, collective documents or intermediate labels for further processing.

The use of mobile handheld RF or WLAN scanners also significantly increases processing security and quality. The production overview, also offered under the docuworkx module, can be used at any time to monitor ongoing production and for production control.

The docuworkx module records key production figures in real time and documents them without significant additional administrative work for the staff. Recorded data are permanently available and can be evaluated by authorized users.

In addition, customer-specific feedback on production to upstream or downstream systems can be provided. The software solution docusuite, with its multitude of realized interfaces, can thus also be used as a flexible data center.

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