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The edata group is celebrating its 25th anniversary


The sourcepage GmbH and its software products docusuite and TimeCatcher as well as the employee base are now assigned to edatasystems GmbH. With the merger, development and control competences are bundled, customers are served more uniformly, the reaction time to new market requirements is shortened and planning processes are optimised.


In 2018, new customer requirements led to further developments in the area of list tracking. In this context, the software of the WLAN scanners used in this area was also revised and optimized. The new topic of dispatching was also included in docusuite in order to present production figures for several locations clearly and to support higher capacity utilisation through location management.


The group celebrates its 20th anniversary.

In order to make the analyses and presentations contained in docusuite available to new interest groups as well, a web client was developed in 2017 that uses its own compressed database with customer-specific data. In addition to production information on processing orders, customers can also create and manage production views in dashboards easily and transparently.


In cooperation with the companies Skysoft GmbH and Müller Apparate Bau GmbH, a fully integrated module for shipment tracking called Semplion was implemented. The reading and output module is multiformat-capable and can be used on inserting systems from various manufacturers up to a reading speed of 32,000 items per hour due to its variable and height-adjustable infeed height and its flexible conveyor belt speed.


The dunning system was included in the software as an extension of docuaccount. This supports effective billing control and automated issuing of payment reminders and minimizes manual user intervention. All processes and data are stored and documented in a revision-proof manner.


In a joint project, the P/I Output Manager of BLUECREST (formerly Pitney Bowes) was introduced to docusuite customers in 2014 to convert, edit and assign print data to presses. The control of the P/I Manager was fully integrated into the docusuite user interface and supplemented with useful functions and information in the print area.


Until the development of docuaccount, the master data already created via docusuite served to identify orders, enrich them and assign them to mandates or customers with corresponding evaluation options. By the realization of a customer project docusuite was extended and is now able to make a complete achievement account and calculation output. In addition to plausibility checks and the output of warning and error messages, a simulation function is also offered which enables the user to determine the billable quantities and items at any time.


The newly developed spool control in docusuite enables the customer to automatically assign and transfer print jobs to the printing presses or any connected locations. The functionality allows different actions to be carried out on a job basis. This allows manual activities to be minimised and processes to be controlled simply and transparently.


The parcel dispatch with docusuite was developed to make the registration of high parcel quantities simple, fast and secure. In addition to label output and creation of delivery notes, electronic registration with the shipping service provider and the latter's feedback to docusuite were successfully implemented.


The image archive was used productively for the first time in 2010 in the printing centre environment. In order to be able to answer customer inquiries quickly and comprehensibly, the image archive has since provided image information from the cameras for each inserted shipment. The information can be called up and exported quickly and easily when the shipment is selected.


In order to document the shipment of in-house goods and the delivery via courier tours, so-called list tracking was included in the software solution. A suitcase, parking space and route management system was implemented. The scanning of barcodes by means of mobile scanners ensures error-free allocation to compartments, suitcases, institutes and tours. The receipt and delivery note output was also revised in this context and adapted to the new requirements.


The processing steps and production orders described in docusuite have been supplemented by the new shipment tracking function. This allows individual shipments to be displayed and their status is clearly displayed in different colours. In addition, the feedback from camera systems to inserting machines has been integrated into the shipment tracking system, thus providing closed-loop functionality.


The group celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The development of the docusuite software was completed this year and successfully implemented into the production process of a printing centre. The basis of the task was the documentation of all processing orders and their enrichment with production-relevant information.


With the reinforcement of our team by the consultants Björn Koschel and Stephan Lochner, the fields of activity are extended to IT topics in the aviation industry.


Successful certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


We train IT specialists in the fields of system integration and application development according to IHK specifications. We make sure that the trainees not only get an in-depth insight into the contents of their specialist field, but also a far-reaching overview of the activities of the entire group of companies. This gives them the flexibility they need in their future working environment.


Relocation to a new company building with 1,800 m² of functional space at the company headquarters in Gelsenkirchen. Integration of AKS Technology GmbH from Bochum (system house) in the same year. The number of employees in the group of companies is now more than 100.


With the expansion of the business fields, the company name is changed: Under the umbrella of edataunited GmbH, the following subsidiaries are now consolidated

edataprocessing GmbH

edatasystems GmbH

edataconsulting GmbH


With the founding of edataprocessing GmbH from Berger EDV-Service GbR, the company moves to the former site of the Nordstern colliery in Gelsenkirchen. The completely redeveloped wash pit of the colliery becomes the company headquarters.


Foundation of Berger EDV Service GbR in Gelsenkirchen.


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