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Individual evaluations; fast, easy and transparent

Due to high and future increasing requirements in the field of individual evaluations, the software solution docusuite, with the integrated Dashboard Factory, offers an efficient way to present the relevant company data.

  • Dashboard creation fast, easy and clear
  • Web Client, Dashboard Manager and Viewer
  • Stand-alone report DB
  • Possibility of data import from different platforms
  • Integrated standalone user and user group administration
  • Current production figures also accessible via web client at any time
  • Multiple locations can be integrated

With the docusuite Addon Dashboard Factory, customers are able to create individual and flexible evaluations on the basis of a standalone database into which other data sources can also be integrated. Thus, a customer-specific extension of the data display is ensured. At regular intervals, production data from the docusuite database can be transferred to the database for analysis.

The docusuite client is used for the presentation of results as well as for the definition of customer-specific evaluations, the so-called dashboards. In addition, visualization via the web browser can also be provided to additional user groups that are not directly assigned to the customer environment. All users in the "Viewer" mode only have the opportunity to view the evaluation and to narrow it down if necessary, with the use of filtering functions.

For additional presentation methods, a simple auxiliary Windows program provides a display-only presentation function.

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