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Easy and fast parcel registration

Through the docusuite Addon parcel shipping, the registration of parcels at the shipping service provider is comprehensively supported. RF-scanner and package scale integrations ensure a user-friendly registration of the goods to be sent. In addition, the flexible use of service providers optimizes the use of resources.

  • Integration of all service providers in the field of parcel shipping is possible
  • Integration of barcodes, scanners and scales
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels
  • Easy import or creation of client and address data
  • Completeness control by upstream processes
  • Daily closing and evaluations
  • Already licensed for DHL, DHL Express, UPS, TNT and NOX
  • Customer-specific extension of the deliverers possible

The add-on parcel shipment enables simple and user-friendly registration of parcels and their registration with the shipping service providers. All deliverers can either be selected manually or, if parcel information is available, can also be called up via the scan of an intermediate label.

Electronic scales, which are specifically used for weight determination, can be integrated into the process as well as the scanners used for bar code acquisition, should the customer wish to do so. Due to the so-called Automatic Detection Mode available in the software, the effort for logging a parcel to the service provider can be reduced to a minimum.

If all necessary prerequisites have been fulfilled, the service provider selection, the weighing process, the parcel registration and the printing of the shipping label can all be triggered with a single scan of a barcode. If not all the data on the parcels are available in advance, choosing the service provider, the weight transfer and the transfer process itself can be controlled by means of function barcodes and hand-held scanners. All ascertained parcel information is exchanged directly with the deliverer via the Internet, in order to shorten logistics when handing over to the courier or delivery driver. Corresponding announcements with the supplier can be omitted, since the data transmission has already taken place online.

The creation of multipackages and the execution of daily closing for the various service providers is also supported. The maintenance of master and address data as well as the offer of various searches and evaluations round off the parcel shipping process with docusuite.

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